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मुक्ति (Mukti)

सत्य घटना प आधारित लघु फिल्म #मुक्ति समाज के झकझोर के राख दी। लघु फिल्म के कुछ घटना रउआ के विचलित कर सकेला। ई लघुफिल मुकेश आ उंकर दिव्यांग बेटी के कहानी ह , मुकेश अपना बेटी के खूब माने ले , दुलारे ले। कहानी में पुलिस मुकेश के गिरफ्तार कर ले जाता, गाँव के लोग के भिंड लागल बा। आखिर काहे मुकेश के गिरफ्तार कईल गईल बा? का होता कहानी में अउरी ई त एह #भोजपुरी लघु फिल्म के देखला के बादे बुझाई। We face multiple issues in our life, with multiple choices to tackle them. Few such choices are often quite tough to make. #Mukti is one such latest bhojpuri emotional short film based on a short story written by Kunal Bhardwaj. Based on a true incident in #Bihar, this #film beautifully sketches the emotional connect between a father and his daughter, who is suffering from cerebral palsy. The film sketches the hardships of such a girl, and what difficulties she has to face in her day to day life. The story is about Mukesh who has been arrested by the police, and everyone is looking at him with hatred. Why is it so? What has he done? And why? There are multiple questions for which the answers will be there in this short film.



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